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Maureen Hayes
Company: GlobalWonPlus / Happi6
Position: Networker
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Expertise: Annoying my children! More seriously, networking.
Earn and win with GlobalWonPlus and Happi6

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Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
Area of expertise:
Annoying my children! More seriously, networking.
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Profile details

Having led a mis-spent youth, I finally got my head in gear and went to Uni when my children were young. Never one to do anything my half, stayed a further few years to complete my PhD in Psychology.

Have since put all that behind me and now concentrate happily on my family and networking business.

GlobalWonPlus has been the vehicle that has given me the most back and being able to get in on the ground floor just prior to International launch is not only exciting, it's challenging and will also bring the best rewards. Launching as Happi6 on 1st December 2008 to the public, you must at least have a look to see how even the public will benefit to a much greater extent than with most other online lotteries.
Good luck!

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