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Dave Bolton
Company: Property Auctions | Auction MY Property
Position: Chief Administrator
Website: Click to view
Phone: 08712 887247
Mobile: 07969 326285
Expertise: Property Auctions | Reverse Bid Auctions
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Liked by: 4
Connections: 0
Last online: Mar 26, 2012, 8:15 pm
Area of expertise:
Property Auctions | Reverse Bid Auctions
I am always looking for:
More Property to Auction
I can always provide:
Maximum returns for your Property Investment

Profile details

Welcome to Auction MY Property, the specialist Online Property Auction House with a difference! Auction MY Property operate on a REVERSE Bid criteria, where as the LOWEST UNIQUE BID below the Reserve Price when a Property Auction closes secures that property! The current Property Owners email addresses are displayed on each Lot Number to ensure peace of mind that our Property Auctions are 100% genuine. If you are a Property Owner and would like your property in our Property Auctions email:

How our Property Auctions WorkPAY PER BID! Therefore you DO NOT PAY your Bid Offer!Buy Your Auction Credits, One Credit = One Bid. View The Property Auctions Lot Numbers and select an Auction LotThen Make Your Lowest Unique Bid NOW!The LOWEST UNIQUE BID above 1p and below the Reserve Price!Single or Multiple Bids ARE welcome for each Property Lot.All Auctions for a property will also INCLUDE any LEGAL EXPENSES! You Must Be 18 Years or Older to Enter our Property Auctions!

Per 5.95 Bid


It really is that EASY! Make your LOWEST UNIQUE BID NOW in our REVERSE Property Auction which secures your very own Property! Our Property Auctions offer a fantastic opportunity for the participating public to acquire new or resale property. Should a Property be withdrawn from a live Auction by the Owner, a full REFUND will be made on behalf of your Auction Credits, so there is NOTHING to LOOSE & EVERYTHING to GAIN! Auction MY Property are the leading online Auction House to secure a property of your very own for a Bid of just 5.95!

Property Auctions close when all Sealed Bids required have been made, there is NO TIME LIMIT, but A LIMIT on the BIDS ALLOWED, so to be included in any of our Property Auctions BID EARLY NOW! Make Multiple Bids for an individual Property, to increase your chances of placing the LOWEST UNIQUE BID! All successful Bids will be published on our Website and notified by email. Have FUN and GOOD LUCK!

Make Your Lowest Unique Bid Now!

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