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David Hole
Company: Aton Chartwell Associates
Position: MD
Website: Click to view
Phone: 0207-478-3007
Mobile: 07765-141-114
Expertise: Business Consulting
Business Consulting Specialising in Cost Savings and Process Efficiences

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Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
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Business Consulting
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Profile details

At Aston Chartwell Associates we pride ourselves on our ability to complement and enhance our clients organisational, business and technical infrastructure. This approach allows us to integrate seamlessly with existing business improvement/development initiatives, whilst adding tangible improvements to the overall business delivery process. Our unique "RIVERô" review methodology is used to achieve this by working with our clients to carry out an in-depth analysis of their business infrastructure and the associated commercial framework. Our aim is to help our clients to reduce their total cost of ownership, mitigate any associated production risk, increase agility and deliver better quality of service.

 We help realise benefits by bringing organisation, process and technology together, thereby enabling increased productivity and maximising return on investment.

 We succeed by sharing our experience & knowledge both working directly with our clients on-site and via our unique quarterly Information Exchange Seminars.

 The "RIVERô" review methodology allows us to deliver an independently ratified business and infrastructure review that has been defined, agreed and built using our "Tri Validation" process.

 With key input from experienced Aston Chartwell consultants and key stakeholders within the organisation, a commercially viable solution is created and implemented with minimal disruption.

 The "RIVERô" review methodology is a is a highly flexible realistic framework which allows us to help our clients pragmatically deliver their strategic vision.Our pragmatic, focused approach means once we agree the scope we stick to it, delivering what our client wants and needs.

 Review: A meeting is held with all stakeholders to agree the scope ensuring that an agreed, transparent, consistent and cohesive approach is applied to the engagement.

Issue identification: The initial discovery phase performed through client interview and infrastructure assessments. Providing an overall understanding of the challenges.

Verification of issues: A workshop is held to verify the issues identified and to gain acceptance that this is an accurate reflection of the current state.

Engineering Strategy: Quick wins are identified and a detailed analysis of the issues is performed against the knowledge base. This allows a design to be formulated based on the consultant experience and the knowledge base results which includes vendor design ratification.

Resolution: Delivery of agreed work packages delivering cost and complexity reductions, including presentation of a strategic blueprint for organisational transformation. Providing the client with a clearly documented strategic roadmap for change.


Our clients demand real, quantifiable results, based on an in depth understanding of their business and the subsequent commercial implications of their choices. The "RIVERô" review process is designed to deliver this.


 An A0-sized Schematic, graphically represented and summarising the current and future state organisational structure whilst incorporating the Transformational Roadmap and high level Financial figures that underpin it's creation.

 An independent "TRI" Validated Strategy proposing an improved, workable configuration that is vendor agnostic and proven to have been deployed elsewhere in a company of similar size and business function removing the bleeding edge and enforcing your leading edge. 

 A Transformational Blueprint with implementation plan, milestones, and a clearly defined benefit realisation timeline. Covering strategy, commercial & technical viability, organisational and process impact analysis, issue identification, prioritisation and suggested next steps.

 A Detailed Business Case for each stream of work containing clearly identified financials and their subsequent impact on the clients Profit and Loss. The business case is a detailed analysis of the financials that underpin the strategies and direction being proposed by the aforementioned Riverô Process.

 A fully Distributed Strategic Vision formulated with the clients input and enhanced by Aston Chartwell Associates to ensure the clients future roadmap is clearly defined and primed for execution.

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