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Paul Burke
Company: JUNO- Group
Position: Director
Website: Click to view
Phone: 08007319434
Mobile: 01706829445
Expertise: Covert surveillance

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Connections: 0
Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
Area of expertise:
Covert surveillance
I am always looking for:
New business
I can always provide:
Confidential advice and a high end bespoke service providing total customer satisfaction.

Profile details

Juno-Group are the providers of infiltration and surveillance services with the aim of gathering intelligence and evidence to resolve countless client issues in the workplace, such as:

Company and product security
Data protection issues/ Identity fraud
Health and Safety in the workplace
Substance abuse
Effective management
Customer Services and Company Image

Juno can infiltrate the workplace at any level, and gain information that clients are unable to obtain themselves, whilst ensuring a more effective use of time and expense in the process. Having Juno operatives at the appropriate level, core to the issue, ensures that the true nature of the concern is reflected and observed, allowing necessary action to be taken. Intelligence is fed back to clients on a daily basis using comprehensive formal reports, in addition to either weekly/ monthly meetings with the client. Juno will also present the resulting evidence at employment tribunals or criminal courts if required; giving clients guaranteed support throughout the entire process.

JUNO, Working together to make the Workplace a safe and secure environment.
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