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Zia Ul Haq
Company: Evershine Enterprises
Position: CEO
Website: Click to view
Phone: 923008649922
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Expertise: white/brown/parboiled
We're a leading exporter Basmati Rice . With high quality and best price, which has become favorite suppliers by clients around the world.

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Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
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World famous basmati rice is known for Aroma + taste + good & fluffy cooking
Is simultaneiously low in carbohydrates, high in nutritions in primary staple food category. It digests fastly and not heavy on digestive system.
A cuisine of Pakistani basmati rice is an unforgetable experience due its taste for long time to remember.   Basmati rice
Basmati rice is grown in punjab a province of Pakistan since hundred of years and it was food of royals e. G. Moghals.

Basmati rice has unique aroma/fragrance, taste and fluffy cooking.

Despite all the new technology and research no other area of the world has been able to grow the basmati rice, with its original characteristics same to one grown in punjab - Pakistan.

Now since the world is global village and sea transport has become efficient basmati rice has reached almost all countries of globe.  
Some of the international trains and airlines specifically mention the word basmati rice in their menu card with their rice dishes.

Basmati rice is hard rice and can be cooked in any manner or recipe may it be simple boiled rice or a cuisine of multiple ingredients.

We guarantee best looks and cooking of our rice in most attractive packing.

Our procurement and processing quality control department is very well staffed with most experienced men of rice industry equipped with latest gadgets. Each and every grain we procure and ship is first checked for cooking, aroma, taste and looks.

We have in-house bag making & printing unit to offer best quality packing material with neat, sharp and attractive packing.

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