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helena clegg
Company: microFunding
Position: marketing manager
Website: Click to view
Mobile: Awaiting Update
Expertise: Helping turn great ideas into successful business
microFunding is a unique new 3-way funding process introducing ‘Inventors’ seeking funding with brilliant ideas to Managers with proven skills and experience to‘Business Angels’ -

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Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
Area of expertise:
Helping turn great ideas into successful business
I am always looking for:
Managers, Inventors, Introducers - incentivised
I can always provide:
A route to market

Profile details

How often do you come across great ideas that need funding?

How many great business ideas does UK plc lose every year-just because there's no way to exploit them? They don't even get lost: they simply don't happen.
How many people watch Dragon's Den and wince with-or at-the presenters?

Why must the generators of great ideas also have to be great businessmen if they are to succeed? Big business knows better-it separates the ideas generators from the ideas exploiters.

Why do Business Angel investors complain that there is a lack of quality deal flow?
microFunding is a web based three-way funding process.
it introduces:
thousands of Inventors seeking funding with brilliant ideas but without time or means
thousands of Managers with proven skills and experience of making serious money for other people, and who want the chance to have their own business
thousands of Investors with the money and motivation to back exciting early stage opportunities if they are managed by a skilled and experienced management team

……with the intention that they all make as much money as quickly as possible

microFunding helps fund great business ideas. It really increases the chances of finding money for an idea, and making it into a serious business success. The rewards are based upon the well proven formula of '30 for the inventor, 30 for the investor and 30 for the management'.

The Manager is highly motivated. At his own risk of time and reputation he selects only ideas that he believes have a real chance of succeeding, and his rewards arrive only at a profitable exit - and the sooner the better for everyone!

microFunding's Vision is to create an open Marketplace where inventors, managers and investors combine their strengths to create strong new businesses. There is intended to be ample room for providers of 'added value' services - but if they are to succeed, they must also compete, so it is unlikely that any fees or charges could be excessive.

Many years of business angel experience, including lecturing on 'how to make money as a business angel'. Many years experience helping entrepreneurs to plan and prepare for investment, raising funds for early stage businesses, non-exec company directorships. Many years of frustration seeing brilliant business opportunities wasted for want of management and/or money.

Inventors at microFunding
What's in it for Inventors? Got a great idea but don't know how to fund it? MF gives Inventors the chance to
·realise their ideas at minimum-to-zero personal cost
·have ideas protected and exploited on their behalf to the max extent by experienced, skilled business Managers
·have all this paid for and managed by other people
·still keep a big stake in the success of their ideas without further commitment of time or money
·have the potential of their ideas
·continue to do what they do best-come up with ideas
And what does it cost? To begin the process, inventors need to register their idea on MicroFunding's secure site, The cost will vary according to what extra services any Introducer might be providing, but to register direct on the MicroFunding site is just £50.00 (+VAT). The idea will be seen by 100's of accredited, experienced Managers all of whom have signed strict Confidentiality terms.
...see Microfunding website for more info....

Investors at microFunding
MicroFunding (MF) gives Investors the comfort of knowing the 'risk:reward' profile of MF investments is greatly improved by the nature of the process:
·Subscription to the Proof of Concept stage is in units of only £2500
·the ideas have been chosen at own risk by experienced Managers who recognize a good opportunity
·the ideas passed testing against strict eligibility criteria such as, intellectual property and commercial potential
·process is designed to reduce downside risk
·Proof of Concept budgets are designed as 'not for profit' -rewards come from success; not process
·sharing risks with other Investors
·and so build up a portfolio of MF projects for relatively little
·Investors have the chance to be involved personally or not.
·Investors have the chance to make profits by further investment in the successes with unlimited upside potential
·there's also the chance to realize immediate profit by selling on their rights to invest in the projects that are proven successes

Business Managers at microFunding
MicroFunding gives experienced business Managers the chance to
·work with an idea that has serious commercial potential
·and create something for themselves at the same time
·and build their own management team
·and make an exit as profitable and as early as possible
The Manager's role is to identify great ideas, and then scope the Proof of Concept project.He needs to specify what is the 'concept' and its proof by whom, by when at what cost and to what criteria. The Manager is expected to use approved suppliers for much of this work, and while he will also cost his time it is unlikely that he will attract investors if the project costs are disproportionate
The Manager uses the MicroFunding template, posted on the Angels Den Investor website to invite investment
If the Project attracts funding, the manager runs the Project to determine viability...And if the project succeeds, the Manager gets options of 30% of the company to recruit his team and grow the business
..refer to site

Introducers at microFunding
As an Introducer of deals, one can enjoy a share in the success of MicroFunding (MF) through the 'SHARE MILES' scheme
The introducer of the idea to MF gains in any (or all…) of three ways:
·If the business is successfully funded,
-their interests are guaranteed so they will benefit commercially from ability to provide services to a satisfied customer.
-they can benefit by having an equity stake in the business
·Whether or not the business is successfully funded, they will qualify for bonus shares in MF Ltd under the 'SHARE MILES' scheme so long as the idea posted qualifies.
What is a qualifying intro for the SHARE MILES' scheme?
...refer to Microfunding website....


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