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Christian Fitzgibbon
Company: Falcon Copiers Plc
Position: Webmaster
Website: Click to view
Phone: 01442 822229
Mobile: 0800 0822 224
Expertise: Documents
UK National Supplier of Photocopiers, Printers, Scanners and Document Management Systems. We have a skilled team to install, maintain and service all your document solutions. Wheth

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Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
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Falcon's ServicesPhotocopiers

We have been providing photocopiers and multifunction devices to the UK market for over 15 years. We are strong, well positioned document solutions business based in the heart of the UK.

Scanners and Document Management

As a trusted provider of document management systems, our portfolio of products includes the latest business use document scanners and document management solutions. As an independent document management solutions company we can not only provide you with the best document management solution for your needs, but we also strive to make it simple.

Reducing Print Costs

Aside from the supply and service of document solutions, we at Falcon specialise in reducing print costs. Moreover we can completely transform your printing solutions into a modern system capable of managing your document requirements from top to bottom. With remote monitoring and custom print auditing, you can rest assured you are not only reducing print costs, but doing your bit for the environment too.

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