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Andrew Smith
Company: CharEstate Swansea
Position: Director
Website: Click to view
Phone: 01792 459841
Mobile: 07980619195
Expertise: Estate Agency

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Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
Area of expertise:
Estate Agency
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I am not a paid member, so am unable to read messages at this point sorry. Feel free to contact me via my website for now.

Hi my name is Andy Smith and I am the owner of CharEstate Swansea, an Estate Agency with a real difference. My agency is based in Swansea, South Wales, but more about that later. My story. Several years ago I became self employed as an Independent Herbalife distributor which changed my outlook on life dramatically with the help of a good friend, mentor James Hilliard. I built up a good solid small business with Herbalife, but after 3 years I realised that I had got as far as I personally felt I could and needed a change. Something with similar goals, but something that I held close to my heart has I did not truely see myself as a weight loss coach although I loved the customer service side of the business. Not only did I meet many wonderful people, but I became good friends with most as we worked together to achieve their personal goals. When I met my girlfriend 3 years ago my life changed again. I decided that to give myself the chance of love and a new life I needed to get out of the small town where I lived in Rossendale, Lancashire and move in with my girlfriend 300 miles away in South Wales. Once settled I began looking for my new venture. I have always been interested in property development, but due to a serious lack of finances I needed to find a way into property. After a long search I found a company called CharEstate selling an estate agency franchise. I looked into it for a few months and then decided to give it a go. My Company. I launched my new business CharEstate Swansea in March of 2007 and after the first 2 months I have made steady progress and kept right up with my business plan which will see the business grow to a half a million pound business in 3 years. However it is not the value of the company that interests me it's the way the company builds. Estate agents have a lousy reputation and I intend to change that, well at least in Swansea. Currently I do not have any goals for the company after 3 years although I may well be hoping to leave it in the hands of others, so that I can take the time to follow my property developing dreams. What CharEstate Swansea offers: 1% commission Free valuations Free financial advice Professional service Colour property details Weekly colour advertising Regular editorial features 24hr feedback Internet advertising 18 years local knowledge Colour floor plans Donations to sellers/vendors chosen charity I intend to build my agencies reputation by supplying a fantastic personal customer service which is aided by our state-of-the-are internet technology. All our clients will receive secure access to part of our websites backoffice, where they will be able to see exactly what we are doing in order to sell or let their property. Every e-mail, phone call, meeting etc that we carry out on their behalf will be updated live for them to view 24/7. This way they will have greater control over our efforts and if they do not feel that we are doing our best it will be there on their computer screens for them to see. We also aim to limit our portfolio to give ourselves enough time to give each and every property our full attention. Some estate agents tend to put far more emphasis on gaining client instructions to have a larger portfolio and forget about doing the hard work of selling or letting the property in the hope that potential buyers or tenants will just fall into their laps. Another problem often assosiated with agents is that they have too many people working for them that are only in it for the commission which can seriously effect customer service. With this in mind I intend to use the experience I gained from Herbalife and also the great advice passed on from CharEstate blended together to give first class personal customer service to each client. Once I reach the point of expansion and begin to employ people I will aim to recruit either people that I know and trust or people with no sales experience in order to teach and train them to provide the exact same service that I do. My future. Now that I have my first residential sales and lettings including property managemnet under my belt, I'm looking to expand and have recently moved into land sales, overseas sales in Spain and Italy and also auctions. Commercial property is another area that I intend to add to my portfolio in the not too distant future. I also have access to a fantastic search facility for financial and mortgage lenders with truely great offers that are guaranteed to be the best value for money offers in the UK at the time of the search. To further expand my business I am looking to network with people in the hope of finding each other referrals, business or even custom. I am also looking to find business partners in the UK for finding clients homes when they are relocating and also the same for overseas. In return I would be prepared to give back to partners/networkers the same effort and help if not more. Hopefully we can do business together in the near future or become friends that we need for help and/or advice. Please feel free to contact me at or find all my contact information under the Swansea branch from here: I have many land plots throughout the UK available for sale that are ideal investment opportunities and a great selection of luxury villas and properties in Spain and Italy. My contacts Here in Swansea I have become friendly with some good people and socially I have met a man that put me in contact with his brother for business reasons. His name is Mark Bolt a Director of a company called International Property Group (IPG). After a good chat we decided to look out for each other and try to pass business each others way, so if you are looking for an investment opportunity in one of the most up and coming areas of the UK please get in contact with me. I am unable to give too much information about IPG due to not knowing much of the company's details just what is on their website, but I am able to put you directly in touch with the main guys there. The expanding work going on at the moment mainly in the SA1 development is amazing and an ideal place for investment. Talk about business and residential luxury, this place will be fantastic soon. The night life is already great, Mumbles just down the road, University and much more. Swansea is going to be the place to be and I recommend getting in on the action as soon as possible. My hobbies. On a more personal note I am keen on most sports especially football. My team unfortunately is Burnley and now that I'm in South Wales I don't get to see more than ten games a season and seriously miss going to the games regularly. I'm also a keen pool player and play not only for my local pub team, but Swansea County pool team and I also play Internationally for the Isle of Man. My manager of the Isle of Man pool team owns his own cue making company where they handcraft all their cues individually. If anybody would like further information with regards to any pool/snooker equiptment let me know. My other interests are reading, internet and personal development. Kind regards, Andy. Skype: charestate

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