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Dave Osman
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Expertise: Gel Suspension Technology

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Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
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Gel Suspension Technology
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I,m Dave 51 and from Southampton and one of 6 brothers. Became a rooftiler when i left school and spent the next 20 odd years up and down ladders.

In 1997 I had the unique opportunity to become a member of theCapital Gold Radio Breakfast Show which was hosted by my brother Mike Osman who is a standup comic and after dinner speaker. I was part of his Mike Osman and the Naughty Boys Show which I hope some of you might remember. We went on to win several awards including best newcomers in Commercial Radio in 1998 and twice winning silver awards in the NewYork Radio Awards.We also met loads of celebs who often came into the studio for a cuppa and a live chat.My profile picture is me with the legendary John McCenroe who i was fortunate to play.Also been salmon fishing in Scotland with Chris Tarrant. Mike is off to Russia with Chris for a weeks fishing beginning of July.

Left Capital Radio in 2001 and into my current job which is driving. I love the job but it will never give me the financial freedom that i,m looking for.

What is the point of having Wealth if you,re not looking after your health? Below is the answer.


In December 2006 I joined a company called Agel Enterprises. The company was founded in 2005 by a guy called Glen Jensen who invented Gel Suspension Technology

The products include FLX for those of us that suffer from arthritis. This incredible gelpack contains chodroitin,celadrin,msn and glucosamine.Agel FLX was formulated to take advantage of 4 fantastic ingredients that have all been found to be very beneficial in the maintenance of healthy joints and maximum flexibility. This formulation is a first, not only because it contains all 4 ingredients, but also because it is delivered in a gel suspension, a remarkable innovation by itself.

Agel OHM is the Gelceutical designed to boost your energy when you are feeling tired, fatigued or lazy. An added benefit of OHM is to provide focus when you are lacking motivation or stressed by life's circumstances. Therefore, OHM can be summed up in 2 words: 1) energy and 2) focus.

Agels UMI believe it or not the main ingredient of this gelpack is fucoidan a brown seaweed. Much of the research that has been done on fucoidan has been focused on its ability to regenerate cells. Studies have shown that fucoidan helps support mobilization of stem cells that enable the body to replace dead cells thereby enabling tissue and organ regeneration.3 In addition, fucoidan helps slow symptoms of the aging process. In study after study, fucoidan has shown itself to be beneficial in the fight for a longer, healthier life.

Agel's EXO gel will help you delay signs of age-related declines. Aging causes natural declines in your mobility, coordination, memory, vision, skin, hair and health. These signs of aging often lead to persistant health conditions. This exclusive Gelceutical blend of 14 all-natural fruits helps you age gracefully — slowing down the visible signs of aging

Agel's FIT gel is a key component in your weight-loss and weight-maintenance goals. Nearly everyone wants to lose weight, reduce body fat and contour arms, abdomen, chest, and legs.Agel FIT is a wonderful component of the initial line-up of Agel products. This weight management aid will be a huge help to those who struggle with "the battle of the bulge." And, because it is formulated as a gel preparation, it can easily be taken when it is most effective.

Agel MIN is the Gelceutical designed to nourish your stamina and deliver zesty health. MIN contains required daily levels of 12 essential vitamins and high levels of 11 essential minerals. MIN helps you get more energy from your food, and then stores these energy reserves to provide stamina. In addition, MIN's essential vitamins and minerals sustain of over 5000 vital biofunctions to deliver vigor, drive, well-being and ageless zest.

Agel PRO is one of Agel's newest products, complementing an already compelling product line for health and vitality. PRO is a balanced protein gel that serves a wide variety of nutrition needs for a large number of people. Most people associate protein products with body builders or severe athletes. But, on the contrary, this balanced protein gel can be beneficial to practically everybody. In effect, it is useful for athletes who want to engage in severe muscle building, for individuals concerned with weight management, or simply for anybody who wants a mini-meal replacement or in-between meal snack.

Each of these products helps to reduce cholestral.

More information on these products can be found at

I can be contacted: skype daveos55 or email or mobile 07872644171
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