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Andy Rowland
Company: Interse Strategic Alliance
Position: Managing Consultant
Website: Click to view
Phone: 07854 551714
Mobile: Awaiting Update
Expertise: Sales and Telemarketing
Interse Strategic Alliance services include flexible and innovative telemarketing, sales,account development and management on a results driven comission fee basis

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Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
Area of expertise:
Sales and Telemarketing
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New business

Profile details

We evaluate market trends, both past and present, and strategic market data, focusing on our client’s core business issues, products and services, applying an appropriate rationale or justification whilst building on existing strategies.

Thereby providing a consequent effective solution or solutions, resulting in a bespoke, and forceful sales and marketing strategy, which upon implementation, will secure and sustain a highly competitive position in the market place today and going forward, irrespective of market conditions.

We take a robust role more focused on action,as opposed to consultancy, employing a multiplicity of techniques and methodologies, albeit on a structured sales service or one off campaign.

We assist in penetrating those companies and key contacts that are of most significance to our client, in both new and also emerging markets, increase market share and reduce risk and costs appropriately, in a number of different and competitive ways.

Our services include flexible and innovative telemarketing,team building,premptive to close sales,cross sales,account management and development secured on a results driven basis.

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