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Threeview GmbH
Company: Threeview GmbH
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Threeview began operations in January 2006 with the aim of helping companies deliver clear, relevant and effective messages through any media. While the world of brand building and communications is often full of ambiguous language, Threeview keeps it clear and simple by focusing on achieving the goals our clients have set out – whether these are to increase sales of a product line or to promote internal corporate initiatives among employees.
Headquartered in Munich, Germany, one of Europe’s most active business cities, Threeview has secured big-name clients including Atlas Copco Energas, Allianz, and the European Patent Office. Our offering is broad and varied. We are active in classic advertising, graphic design, multimedia,
and alternative media, and we are especially well known in the market for our unique copywriting services in both English and German.
In 2006 alone Threeview carried out more than 100 projects. Ranging from e-learning modules to corporate magazines to print advertising, the one thing all of our projects have in common is that they are delivered with a total commitment to quality – a statement we’re able to say can be backed up by any of our clients.
We believe in accountability – which means we need to demonstrate that our work contributes to helping our clients achieve their desired results. Because of this, our methodology dictates that our creative output must be tied to the right strategy, and the road to arriving at the right strategy starts with the gathering of the right intelligence.
At the outset of each project we spend the necessary time learning about our client’s business, customers, and industry.
We then dive deeper into the task at hand in order to come up with the winning strategy for meeting the specified
goals. It’s no small task, but in the end it’s easy for us to show the value of this effort. With the right knowledge, the difference between “creative output” and “effective creative output” is achieved. The tried and true saying has never been more fitting: “Knowledge is power.”
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