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John Hobson
Company: Business Conflict Solutions
Position: Managing Partner
Website: Click to view
Phone: 07981734534
Mobile: 01925740261
Expertise: Business Conflict Solutions

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Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
Area of expertise:
Business Conflict Solutions
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Charities who want free support
I can always provide:
Ways to reduce conflict and increase harmony

Profile details

Business Conflict Solutions is based in North-West England, and aims to provide Conflict Management Consultancy, Resolution Coaching and Commercial Mediation for both small and large businesses (and free services to charities). Types of conflict which may require resolution include
 Disputes between businesses
 Conflict within/between teams in a business
 Conflict between corporate goals, culture, strategy etc.
 Conflict between business and personal goals
 Personal Conflict issues e.g. work-life balance

I have had direct experience of the immense damage that can be caused by conflict - and the great potential for achieving its lasting resolution. I am convinced that conflicts, both internal and external, in relationships and in business, are huge sources of wasted energy and major reasons why the potential of individuals, relationships and organisations are not realised.
By resolving them, individuals and businesses can achieve a direct and observable release of energy, reduction in stress and improved purpose, focus and vision. The benefits are
 Improved efficiency, as less energy is consumed by wasteful conflict
 Improved business performance, as all key aspects of the business are aligned
 Stress reduction to individuals, as team-working replaces interpersonal conflicts

Identifying and resolving conflict feels like it has been a theme in my life, although it is only recently that this has been focused in my current business. Outside work, I have always been drawn to analyse and understand the roots of conflict in political, industrial, international and personal contexts. I have had 30 years management experience in both large and small business settings, in a variety of technical, strategy and business development roles and in highly regulated environments. This experience has given me many opportunities to identify and resolve conflicts (with some great learning where resolution proves elusive). I am an accredited NLP Practitioner and Commercial Mediator, and work closely with my life and business partner who is a Master NLP Practitioner, Trainer and Coach and leads a highly successful mediation business. Mediating conflicts between our three boys keeps us both busy.

Free Report on 'Five Sources of Conflict in Your Business' available from website


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