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Christian-Adam Ribeiraud
Company: The L&B Network
Position: Executive VP of Business Development
Website: Click to view
Phone: 1 646 924 6704
Mobile: Awaiting Update
Expertise: Building Industry and commercial Property developm

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Connections: 6
Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
Area of expertise:
Building Industry and commercial Property developm
I am always looking for:
New Projects and contacts.
I can always provide:
Contacts, Corporate funding, project finance.

Profile details

I am a business man with many interests and activities. I'd like to focus this profile on the main project I am working on right now: The L&B Network

L&B Stands for, it is a business network that focuses only on the niche market of the Real Estate and Building Sector worldwide in order to cater to its core membership: The Property owners.

Whether your are a "regular Joe" owning your home or a Mega Commercial or indusrial real Estate Tycoon, chances are, sooner or later you will need professionals to service your property. Whether it is to increase your portfolio and look for new properties else where in the planet or right in your neighborhood you'll most likely need to see listings and possibly the help of a Realtor, an appraisor, surely a contractor, a mortgage specialist, a tax advisor, a landscaper or simple handyman... you'll find it on L&B from the US to India.

If you are a commercial or investment property owner, you will still need all of the above, but also will need to sell some of your asset, purchase new ones, find renters, possibly investors on a new venture or wish to invest in one. You'll find all of this in the L&B Network.

Maybe you live in the UK and have a house in south of france and are looking for a pool contractor to service it year round even when you are not there, a concierge service for your guests when they use your house, a security and alarm company, a maid service a local attorney to handle the rental contracts and legalities...etc. You will find it all in the L&B network from the comfort of your home or office.

You'll be able to submit Request for proposal for service, receive bids on new construction projects or property improvement from local contractors even if you do not reside in the country where your property is located.

For the professionals out there: The choice is much simpler. Join the L&B Network to interact directly with your client base ( The property owners), your supplier and the professionals in parallel sectors complementing your service so you can exchange contacts and referrals. Find subcontractors and service providers. Find partners and financiers... Simply kick your business development into a new gear and be as active as you can. There is no social aim in the network. Strictly business.


Now to find out about me personally, you'll have to look at my profile on L&B or on Ecademy. Probably both. I'll simply say that I am the Executive Vice-President of Business Development of Morlando Technologies, Corp, the creators of the L&B Network among other services for the Business world. One other major service we offer is the Mobile Office Application.


You can also find me on Xing, Linked In, Ryze, Viadeo, Idea Mama, blulite and a few more. I'll be Frank though, the only 3 networks I am active on a daily basis are: L&B, Ecademy and Ryze. I try to participate at least once a month or more on all the others. It truly depends on the level of activity my profile gets in each network. So if you guys connect with me here and interact, most likely you'll see me responding in kind.

Wishing you all a prosperous remainder of 2007.

Christian-Adam Ribeiraud

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