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Ekta Bajaj
Company: Awaiting Update
Position: Director
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Expertise: Graphic, Multilingual advert

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Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
Area of expertise:
Graphic, Multilingual advert
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Profile details

Would you like a Full scale Design Department working as your own in-house department!

What does it mean?
> Ideal for ongoing work
> Shed your extra workload!
> More approachable than a design agency
> More reliable than a freelancer
> High quality 24 hrs design support
> Flexibility to opt for per project service
> We can correspond to the clients on your behalf.

Karmic Solutions offers design services in Print Design, Web Design, Corporate Communication design and Corporate Presentations. We are a small team of enthusiastic and talented designers working together towards providing cost effective solutions.

We offer
Book Cover Designing
Book Interior Designing
Marketing Material Designs
Corporate Identity and Brochure
Corporate Presentations Designs
Multilingual Promotional Adverts
All Language Translation Services
Website design and Management
Customized named Mailers (also known as Variable Data)

Solution for Media Agencies/ PR/ Event Mannegements/ Marketing Consultants
Karmic Solutions offers design services in Publications, Communication design and Corporate Presentations. We are a small team of enthusiastic and talented designers working towards providing design assistance to service providers in media industry. Our expertise is in Print media and being a small agency we offer personalized services at a budget that you tell us! Our team will work with you like your own in-house design department. Our services are open 24 hrs, days! We can offer design assistance at any stage of the project.

Solutions for Start-ups/ Small Businesses
We also offer cost effective design packages to start-ups and small businesses. With our Extended Design Studio solution, you can have a team of designers working for you just like an in-house design department. For a small fixed cost,

> We will take up your entire small to big design needs ranging from Corporate Identity, Corporate Literature to full scale marketing material design.
> We can even correspond with your clients as your designer and on your company's behalf.

Our expertise is in:
- Brochure design
- Catalogues
- Annual Reports
- Advertisements
- Leaflets,
- Calendars,
- Corporate Literature,
- Publications,
- Book Covers,
- Training manuals and
- PowerPoint Presentations.

Please visit for more information.

What more I want to achieve

1.) I want to help my Spiritual guru, to run the charity organization she has co-founded with her guru. It's called Anant Sadhana Foundation ( meaning everlasting Spiritual bliss!) and it aims to spread love and faith in world. I want to share with people what I have learnt.

2.) I am currently writing my first novel and I hope to publish it by year-end. You guessed it…it's based on my true spiritual experiences. It's unbelievable but true that whenever I sit down to write, an unseen force puts the words in my mind and I just become the medium to write the story. Publishers… remember me when I knock your doors!

3.) I also want to publish a Magazine maybe by next year. I say next year because I have no clue about the magazine publishing business and I just want to gather enough knowledge before I take the plunge. I have the idea and the theme on which to publish the magazine...(no, not another wedding magazine or gossips ) At this point I want to request anyone reading this, if you know yourself or anyone who could advice me anything about publishing a magazine then please do let me know.

Some people who read my profile earlier have suggested that I also write something about myself. So here it goes...

Something about me…

I am a dreamer. I love dreaming and I strongly believe that everyone should have a dream, something that you look up to and some place where you want to reach. I remember myself to be dreamer as long as my memory goes, and I also remember one very peculiar thing about all my dreams even when I was really small. My every daydream had lovely and amazing colors and I wrote immature poems to match the situation.

As I grew, the dreams starting taking shape. The colors took shape of designs and the immature poems turned into award winning poetry. Before I even realized, I had landed up being a graphic artist. I remember how thrilled I was when I had made my first design in the advertising agency I worked and it was sent for print. My designs were splashing in the magazines in the form of advertisement and till date I can feel the thrill and excitement of that first time achievement.

That was 8 years ago and now…well now my biggest dream has come alive. I have my own design agency. Karmic Solutions Ltd.

Coming out of the dreamy story…more about me.

I come from a very loving family. Loving parents and three lovely sisters. My father is a retired senior officer from Indian Army and one thing that he has taught me always is that 'A soldier never looks back'. This line has always inspired me to go on…and never never never give up. For me there is no turning back in life.

I have spent 24 years of my life in India. Life was well settled with a dream job as a senior designer in a reputed advertising agency, and then all of sudden love bought me all the way to UK. I am now happily married and am a mother of a nearly three-year-old angel.

Opening a company was not panned. I was freelancing as a graphic artist but then circumstance too such a shape that I had to operate as a company. It took me a while to realize that this was actually happening. I mean dreams do come true! Frankly I was just lost for a while. I had a small baby in my hands and suddenly I also had a design agency in baby stage! I was going through one of life's toughest times. That's when a miracle happened. I met my spiritual guru, again not planned. She taught me many things that has made me who I am today but one thing that I can never forget is her words that 'Be in present.' A total contradiction to my dream world!

She has trained me, scolded me, loved me and lectured me for 4 years now and I guess after all that effort she put on me, I now really understand what it means to 'Be in Present.' It does not mean that I stop dreaming; it just means that I now even start believing in my dreams and have faith that one day they will come alive.

Now, with full faith, energy and passion, I am working towards reaching there where I see myself when I close my eyes.

So, that's me. Celebrating the spirit of life, very optimist and very passionate about designs.

I hope to make new contacts and networks!

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