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Gerry McInally
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Position: Networking
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Expertise: Networking

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Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
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Slimming patches     Kleeneze     Tiscali

I have found this amazing product that really works The Jen fe slimming patch. This patch enables users to curb their cravings and portion control helping them move towards a healthier lifestyle so if your fed up with diets and looking for a safe natural solution to your expanding waist line give me a call on 0844 8842411 or take a look at the website

Calling all hairdressers, beauty salons you can make money selling this product

Make money

Commission on selling the product
residual income 
£50 for each distributer you sign up

Read the facts about the patch


FREE to join business opportunity.

We are looking for motivated and friendly people to work from home registering customers for our award-winning Broadband, Telephone and, TV packages. There is no hard-sell involved, we are a huge brand and household name.



To join this free business go to

Click below to see the products

Phone me on 0844 8842411 anytime.


Make money from day one,after one year make from

 £1,500 per month for only doing 10-15 hours work

a week.There is a joining fee which you get back

after a year.  

I joined Kleeneze as a favour to a friend,the first time I collected the books in I made £60 in one hour! Of course I didn't make that every time.Kleeneze is not just about putting out books its about its about building a team too.
Join here  

Mirror Works: A Kleen break in our 50s
By Tricia Phillips21/02/2008


Jean and Mike Day were hoping to put money aside to make their looming retirement more comfortable - until they both lost their jobs.

Many 50-somethings might have feared they had been thrown on the scrapheap, but not the Days. The couple, of Runcorn, Cheshire, decided to turn their misfortune into a positive experience by selling cleaning products.

So six years ago, Jean, now 59, and Mike, 62, set themselves up as independent distributors with network marketing company Kleeneze, which offers cleaning and other household goods direct to homeowners.

As well as helping them build a nest egg for retirement they have bagged themselves a brand new BMW.


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"I'm a saleswoman," explains Jean. "At 53 I took on a second job for a bit of extra cash when Mike, formerly a printer, was made redundant. A few months later I lost my job, too. It was awful. Redundancy crippled our day-to-day finances, leaving us no room to save for our retirement.

"Friends had kept telling us how great Kleeneze was and we kept ignoring them, thinking it sounded too good to be true. But when we were thrown into desperation we decided it was time to find out more.

"So we set ourselves up as independent distributors with Kleeneze. We paid £140 for 200 catalogues (it's now £160) - after a month we had earned that back and made £150 profit through sales.

Now we earn over £7,000 a month, and we've picked up a BMW 3 series, a Mini Cooper and been on lots of trips abroad as incentives for reaching various sales targets."

The Days are not alone in believing it is not too late to find their dream job - half the over-50s agree with them, according to research by Learndirect.

And 46 per cent say they are not too old to start a new career. Job satisfaction is a top priority for a quarter of this group of workers, while 60 per cent want the chance to learn new skills. The Days would advise you to go for it.

"It's been hard work, but worth the graft," says Jean. "We now teach others how to build a customer base and earn a commission from their sales.

"We're not ready to retire yet, but when we do we will still keep earning from our distributors. The money keeps coming as long as the people we've recruited in to the company keep earning.

"We are both really enjoying doing this. There's no boss telling us what to do and it is up to us how much or how little we work. It has been a real lifestyle change - for the better. We just wish we'd done this 10 years ago."



Well a bit about me, I like internet,gym,swimming,

soaps holidays,animals,photography & karoke even

though I cannot sing!

Thanks for reading my profile.

Updated 07.03.08





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