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Keith Ayres
Company: Awaiting Update
Position: Clarity Consultant
Website: Click to view
Phone: 0151 653 5668
Mobile: 0791 025 3296
Expertise: Business Solutions Provider

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Connections: 13
Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
Area of expertise:
Business Solutions Provider
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Profile details

Hi All

ClarityClarity is a Business and Training Consultancy.  In every business it's people are the business and we are here to help to unlock their potential and to bring clarity to the whole of their business life.

ClarityClarity provide Consultancy Services to Executives who feel they need some clarity in their Business.  We help them to clarify Where they are Now!  Where they want to be.  And ... How to get there!

There are three essentials to leadership: humility, clarity and courage. — Fuchan Yean

Clarity of Thought: Take time to clear your head of fuzziness.

Clarity of Expertise: Do you know what you are an expert in?

Clarity of Purpose: Do you know why you do what you do?

Clarity of Objectives:  What do YOU want, exactly?

Clarity of Route: How are YOU going to get there?

Clarity of Direction: Do you REALLY know how you are going to get there?

Clarity of Success: How are you going to measure your success?

We don't Train people, we don't Coach people and we don't offer Development Programmes for Companies.

We help companies by unlocking potential of their staff by identifying and eliminating challenges to clarity. 

We then design a programme to bring Clarity to your business.  We do this by Cherry Picking those offerings that are suitable from the whole Training and Development Industry.  So if you want to bring Clarity to YOUR Business, or feel you can offer my clients a tool to help bring Clarity, call me 0788 900 1956

Have you completed The Clarity Confidential?  Ask for YOUR copy," Its FREE.
Challenges are like fences.  If you don't tackle them they will hem you in.  When you do tackle them, you open up new fields of opportunities.  Face your challenges.

Have you ever found yourself doing one thing but knowing you should be doing something else, but you continue to do what you were doing?  This is your Comfort Zone holding you back.

I sell grease! This grease is very special. If you incorporate this grease in your business life ... you will slide towards success. If you use it in your personal life ... problems will just slip off your horizon.

So how many tubs do you want?

We provide speakers for Group/Networking Meetings (FOC).  From 10 minutes to 60 minutes.  So if you need to lift a meeting or simply fill a gap in your Agenda, why not give me a call.  0788 900 1956

... At the moment its ME!  So you will get a boisterous, exciting and excitable, enthusiastic grey haired child growing old DISGRACEFULLY and proud of it!  I will challenge YOU!  I may UPSET you! I will make you smile.  I make only one promise ... you wont be able to ignore me!  I will probably end up with a tear in my eye.  Why?  Because I CARE!  ... And Guess what my talks are about ... CLARITY.  Clarity in Business ... Clarity in Selling ... Clarity in Management ... Clarity in Life ... Clarity with everything and everyone.

What is important in life? This is a very powerful short online movie which gives the true answer.

Would you like to learn how we can ADD to your product range, add to your customer satisfaction and add to your OWN BOTTOM LINE?  ClarityClarity are looking for Business Partners to join us in spreading the word.  Interested?  Call me on 0788 900 1956 or send me a message.

So who am I? 

Well I'm young, good looking and fit (PS I tell lies about my age, looks and health!)

My current Mission Statement is "Never let a serious subject get in the way of having FUN!"

I'm a SALESMAN!  I love it and I'm proud of it.  It saddens me to see and hear so many individuals, organisations and industries who are afraid of that term.  Everyone thinks of Bad Salesmen but forgets the many many salesman who are good at their job but are considered 'friends' rather than salesmen (PS Im getting old so sometimes I forget to say SALES PEOPLE, if I ever do in your company just slap me about a bit and I will remember next time). 

SALES PEOPLE are in the main excellent people and to do their job properly they have to identify your problem and find a solution to it and get you to take action.  Bad SALES PEOPLE have a problem and look for people who will solve it!

For those who like me love a bit of slapstick you will remember the sketch by Abbott & Costello called "Who's on 1st Base?"

I am the lucky husband of Barbara.  A wonderful woman who is slightly insane ... as she thinks I'm wonderful!  But I'm not taking her to the doctors! I like her just the way she is!  We have 4 children, 2 are hers and 2 are mine.  Thankfully not one lives with us (Aaaaaaaah blisssss) Sadly I'm a Grandad; with 3 grandchildren.

Why? As you get older in body your mind does not keep track?  I seem to be getting younger in my head.  I giggle and play the fool like an adolescent.  Oh Body please catch up with my mind !

I love to cook and have regular Dinner Parties, both for fun and as a Networking Tool.  I fish, both Course and Sea.  I have set a number of objectives in my personal life, loose weight, give up smoking, get fit and attend to my wife's needs more frequently (except shopping .. she is very good at that on her own or with her daughter Helen), so cooking will have to be low calorie (mmmm or NOT).

If you liked my Profile or found something of interest, why not visit my Website or My Blogs but please send me a message just to say hello or lets talk business.


Keith A Ayres

PS I have read on some others peoples Profiles that they welcome comments on their Profile.  I also welcome your comments.  However, please remember that, at least one within my network has a dog that BITES !  ;)

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