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Jean McDowell
Company: Awaiting Update
Position: Success Coach
Website: Click to view
Phone: +61 7 33910903
Mobile: 0412616430
Expertise: People

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Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
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Awaiting Update
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Awaiting Update

Profile details

Life Coach,Neways Distributor...,What is your No 1 Priority??? Extra income, Financial freedom, Have own Business, More spare time, Helping others, Meeting people, Retirement, Leave a legacy or Personal development.... Your number one priority is what's important to you,,,its also important to me... So you decide and then email me at ............. Why? because it's all about making a difference............... Who am I ??????????????? My name is Jean McDowell and i live in Woolloongabba, Queensland, Australia... I'm original from the UK. Notinghamshire... came to Australia with my family, mum, dad and two younger brother, in the sixties. As a teenager found it hard to adjust,,, strange country,,, strange school.... But looking back it was the best decision my parents made,,, I admire them their courage,,, it could not have been an easy decision.......... We settle in NSW. where i met my future husband,,, married at 19 and had two babies by 23... By 27 the married was over... So here i am with two children to support, not easy but we made it... At thirty i went back to education... Doing Accountancy,,, Management and Purchasing... over the next ten years work my way up into a management position... After a fight with cancer,,, which i won, set up my own Quality Assurance Business,,, which went well until 1997 when I moved to Queensland,,, with a new man in my life and my baby 26... 2001 Alone again, with Quality Assurance a bad word,,, so went into Marketing, then Promoting Organic Produce... As a cancer surviver i am well aware of the toxins in our everyday life... Last year looked around at what was available to take me into my later years,,, that would give me the lifestyle i wanted, doing something i believe in and thats what brought me here... Not only am i making a income from doing what i enjoy, but my body is still able to do what i ask of it,,, due to the fantastic product i am accessing. Its not been easy, but anything worthwhile usually takes some effort............... I am proud to be committed to business practices that are ethical, where people count more than profit. Neways shares the same philosophy,and that their unique products far outperform others which are currently available in the marketplace. If you desire the best, then look no further... Have access to the whole Neways range, which includes a rapidly expanding selection of over 200 dynamic, state-of-the-art products. Many experts consider Neways products to be the finest available in the health-care and personal care industries. We use Neways products ourselves every day, so are talking from personal experience.... Recommended and praised by many very highly regarded health experts world-wide, including Dr.Samuel Epstein,(1998 Alternative Nobel Prize Winner & Founder of the Cancer Prevention Coalition) who is the chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition... Neways are a rapidly growing multi-national company, who are committed to developing the very best in health-care and personal care products available globally... Spectacular performers - They really do wonders for your body, both inside and out. Sick of failed promises? Neways products always deliver!... Unique formulations - The majority of Neways products are exclusively patented. You will not find them elsewhere... Developed and produced to be safe and effective for people of all ages and are all 100% free of any known or suspected harmful common ingredients... Not tested on defenseless animals - A practice we feel is both cruel and unnecessary. Neways products are tested on their many willing volunteers... The majority of the money that you spend on Neways products goes into the product itself, instead of being directed towards fancy advertising hype, "middle men" and company profit. The result is high quality, dynamic and unique products, which are better value than their rivals can even come close to matching. Find out how to buy these great product wholesale... 30% Wholesale Buyers Club or are you looking for a business that you can start up with a few hundred dollars and not have to put your house on the line to start your own business... Jean McDowell PO Box 6185 Buranda Qld. 4102 Australia. Telephone No: +61 7 3391 0903 Fax No: +61 7 3391 0903 Email:
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