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John Herman
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Position: Author
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Phone: 410-453-0280
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Expertise: Business failure consulting

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Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
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Business failure consulting
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Profile details

I'm passionate about helping people struggling with business failure. I am an expert on how to learn from failure in order to achieve success in business and in life. I can say that because I've learned from my own experiences and helped hundreds of others avoid becoming a business casualty.

I've owned more than 20 companies: some succeeded, some failed. One became publicly traded, sold stock for 20 times the opening price, and soon went bust. I then ran a brokerage firm and have consulted with over 1,000 owners of failing companies. In fact, I've been recognized across the country as an expert witness in corporate bankruptcy cases.

I know what it means to fail and how to avoid it and can show you the roadmap to success, and not the detour through failure.

My two books — The Innkeeper Tales and Hermanisms — show readers why they need to face failure head on. Both books also stress that what you can learn when something fails may be worth more to you than if the venture succeeds.

Business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone else wanting to succeed in life will find these axioms -- with true examples -- helpful in reaching their goals.

Hermanisms offers readers an assortment of straightforward advice, blunt commentary, and engaging stories based on Herman's more than 35 years of surviving the real world of business and especially surviving business failure.

While the book discusses the likelihood of failure when you're an entrepreneur, it's not intended to discourage you from starting a new business. Instead, it's intended to make you realize issues you may tend to ignore, but shouldn't.

Hermanisms also has another goal: to make you understand that playing the game gives you more than just money. There are other "profits" to be derived from being your own boss. While your company may not make you rich, or last a lifetime, it will definitely enhance your being if you choose to let it.

The book is divided into short, easy-to-read chapters for each of the 77 sayings that I refer to as "Hermanisms." Use the few free minutes in your day to hear from someone who's been there -- and perhaps learn something that may help you succeed.

If you are in business, wanting to get into business, and even have a spouse or friends in business I'd like to network with you.
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