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John Guinn
Company: Holiday Hut Ltd
Position: Holiday Researcher
Website: Click to view
Phone: 01525 876800
Mobile: 08700 436 035
Expertise: Travel Planning/Research

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Connections: 1
Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
Area of expertise:
Travel Planning/Research
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Profile details

Hi, I am married to Kirsteen, and we live with our cats Fester (named before we found out about his habits, but the name does suit him) and Loosey, and our dog Max in a small village called Tingrith in Bedfordshire. How small is Tingrith? It doesn't have any shops and all the pubs are now homes. We do still have an old phone box. It would be very peaceful if it wasn't for our nuisance neighbour the M1. Kirsteen and I have been together now for about 19 years and have been married for 12. We met when she was going out with one of my brothers. I am 17 1/2st and was once 6' 3" twenty years ago. The best way to describe my body is to imagine a potato with matchsticks for arms and legs. No matter how much weight I put on I have legs that are skinnier than Bambi's. I have been a vegetarian for around 18 years. I changed in a deal with my wife. She had to give up smoking and I had to give up meat. I have lasted longer than she did. We were in a cafe in Dominica a few years ago and the waitress wouldn't believe that I didn't eat meat. She just managed to stop saying that I was too fat, but I knew what she was thinking. My main hobbies are playing 5 a side football, technology, Freemasonry and putting off DIY for as long as I can. I am quite big headed about my goalkeeping, if you need a 5 a side keeper give me a call. My musical tastes are varied, but I would class myself as an aging punk. I am shy and when I joined Freemasonry in 1998. I saw it as an opportunity to meet network and improve my public speaking. After 7 years I am now getting used to speaking to strangers, but I still get too nervous speaking to groups of people. I have always been interested in electronics; I got my first electric shock when I was 4 years old. I have lost count how many I have had. The first thing that you should do after getting a shock is to make sure that no one was watching. This is very important. I am a communications engineer by trade, but I was unable to get a new job in this area. After meeting travel agents from New York and England while I was on holiday in Barbados I decided that that was the career move for me. I started trading as Holiday Hut on 2nd August 2004. It has been an exciting, scary, depressing and fun first year. If I had hair I probably would have lost it during this time. My tip for holidays has nothing to do with finding the cheapest deal. You should spend time with the hotel staff. Our best holiday experiences have happened this way. I would love to bore you with the details one day. HOLIDAY HUT LTD The Holiday Researcher We check out before you check in Your holiday is important. One of the few times when you can unplug and enjoy life. When you're away - have you noticed it's the small things that make the difference? That's why we research every detail, from travel to accommodation, catering to climate before offering you a range of holiday options, saving time, inconvenience and often a few pennies! One size definitely doesn't fit all at The Holiday Researcher. Everyone's requirements are different, so we blend each element around you. Tell us your perfect holiday, and we'll identify locations far or near, flights, hotels, insurances, car hire, and airport parking that add up to an ideal holiday experience - just about anywhere in the world. Because we're independent, you can always be assured of getting the very best deals available. No more trawling through travel agency brochures - just one call to The Holiday Researcher, and you're on your way! I check out before you check in.
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