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David Rogers
Company: Awaiting Update
Position: Credit Claims Management
Website: Click to view
Phone: 07877333412
Mobile: 01242 221358
Expertise: Cartel Client Review

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Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
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Cartel Client Review
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Profile details

Started life in Birmingham, then moved to Cheltenham with my parents aged fourteen, living in a pub/restaurant, great times.
Went on to college and university with a gap year in between, backpacking around Australia. I then followed my parents into the hospitality industry, and from there moved on into sales.It was a baptism of fire to start with, but after about six months of determination and self motivation everything started coming together.

I used to be the person knocking on your door to save you money on utilities. Started with Swalec gas before the market had even been deregulated, my record back then was 49 contracts in one day. Carried this on through the ninties and eventually managed an office for a direct marketing company bringing in around 1000 sales contracts a week. Unfortunately I had a serious head injury in 2000 and as a result of this lost the power to comunicate effectively for a time period.

As a result of this I came out of sales altogether and worked at Honda in Swindon for five years. It was the most boring job ever, I hated it. I knew I had to find something else but still had self-doubts. In 2004 we decided to replace the kitchen and through alot of research found a direct supplier, which knocked 2/3 off the price. This is it I thought and started up my own little business. My brother in-law works in property maintenance and through his business and other kitchen fitters he knows I started getting referals.
Gave up Honda in June 2005 and work part time earning more money, whilst saving people money on their new kitchens.

The kitchen business has shown steady growth year on year, and more recently I got introduced to a new business venture called Cartel Client Review, for which I am now an agent. I am really excited about the service they provide and hope you can also benifit from it in the future.

The first person I spoke to about this service was my Dad, knowing that he is the biggest cynic and sceptic around. He simply said it was a "no-brainer" and has now proceeded with his application through Cartel Client Review. I said to him at the time " I feel like Robin Hood, taking money from those that have it (finacial institutions) and giving it to those that need it, the likes of you and I".
The opportunity is massive!

Can I ask you, do you have, or have you ever had a mortgage, secured loan or car finance?

Cartel Client Review have recently launched a service to help people make a possible claim regarding their mortgage agreement, car finance or secured loan agreement held between 1990 and 2006. In some agreements the contract wording may be such that it is deemed to create an unfair relationship between the consumer and lender.

If you would like to make a claim the process is simple and costs nothing to start. First, I complete a fact-find with you (which is basically a list of your mortgages/secured loans/car finance agreements, amounts borrowed, account numbers) and submit to Cartel to find out which ones you may have a claim against. This is totally free.

I will then receive a report to indicate which claims you can proceed with, which are possible and which aren't. I would not suggest starting a claim unless it was thought that the claim amount would be in excess of 5,000. You can then decide which potential claims to pursue and put the upfront fee of 495 onto a credit card or debit card, please note that the fee is refundable if your claim were to fail (subject to terms and conditions

There is also an opportunity to do this as an additional business/income stream and it is a very simple process to follow - you don't need any financial qualifications and it can be run part-time or full-time. You can grow the business as quickly as you want and build a team if you wish. This was only launched a few months ago and there are only 200 people currently doing this.

You earn 125 for each potential claim/product your client wishes to proceed with. One person has just submitted 90 potential claims in a month. You can also earn override on any of your team member's earnings.

The opportunity is massive!

If you are interested in finding out more, give me a call on 07877333412 or email me: and look at :

Look forward to speaking to you soon,

Best Regards,

David Rogers.

Cartel Client Review Ltd is regulated by the Ministry of Justice in respect of regulated claims management activities.
The authorisation number is CRM8663 and the registration is recorded on the Ministry of Justice website

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