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Dr. David Robinson
Company: David W. Robinson, D.C.
Position: Personal Trainer, Health Counselor, Speaker
Website: Click to view
Phone: 508-542-0235
Mobile: Awaiting Update
Expertise: Personal Training, Health Counseling

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Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
Area of expertise:
Personal Training, Health Counseling
I am always looking for:
New Clients, Freelance Writing & Speaking Opportunities
I can always provide:
Motivating Personal Training sessions; Enlightening, Intense, Spirited Talks; Attention-Getting Articles

Profile details

Public Speaking


For years I addressed civic groups, professional organizations, corporate gatherings as well as health care facility employees for continuing ed.


My passion for turning people on to "Being Healthy" runs so deep that my intent for each talk is to inspire everyone. I do not want even a single person in the audience whom I do not motivate toward “Being Healthy”.


Some of the topics include: Weight Loss, Body Contouring, Diet Drugs/Pills/Potions/Programs, The Triune Non-Diet (sm), Vitalism, De-Programming Your Thinking About “Being Healthy”, Lifestyle Priorities Gone Bad and National Health Care & Insurance.


Never just a “lecture”, each presentation is intense, spirited, enlightening and always interactive with the audience.


All venues of public speaking are accepted: colleges, universities, civic group meetings, professional organization meetings, corporate events.

Requests for articles for magazines, newsletters and other publications are being also being accepted at this time.




Health/Lifestyle Counseling


Healthy, fit people are generally happier, more active, get sick far less often, have fewer health care expenses and are far less costly to any business.


Learn to easily incorporate the 3 most important and effective daily changes you need to live fit, trim, healthy for the rest of your life.


You will learn to gradually implement and build upon these healthy changes using K.I.S.S. & D.I.G.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid & Do It Gradually Stupid) in The Triune Non-Diet approach.


Counseling is also available on a variety of other individual subjects such as body contouring, weight loss, nutrition/diet, supplements, exercise/fitness, lifestyle, health and chiropractic.



Counseling is available on a corporate level for employees and for private individuals.


Personal Training


Super-charge your efforts for reaching that pinnacle of Living Fit, Trim, Healthy for life with Personal Training sessions.


You’ll learn all the right tools for proper fitness, never get bored and avoid the mistakes most people make. You’ll stay motivated and inspired.  The different routines will keep you challenged and keep your body contoured.  


All aspects of fitness and exercise are utilized, including a variety of strength training exercises, plyometric moves, power moves, various cardiovascular exercises and aerobic classes of all types.


My Personal Training sessions can also incorporate counseling on The Triune Non-Diet and implementing the three major daily health habits via K.I.S.S. & D.I.G.S.  This complete package is the most important investment you’ll ever make…an investment in your health & well-being, in the quality of your life, now and for your future.


To Contact Me Directly Call  508-542-0235


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