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tim ellis
Company: Awaiting Update
Position: Public Relations
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Expertise: Public Relations and Media

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Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
Area of expertise:
Public Relations and Media
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Profile details

Hi! My name is Tim and I am the owner of the Lightload Group, if I can be of any help with advice or information on Advertising, Printing, Publishing, Marketing or Graphic Design then please do get in touch.

The Lightload Group is split into different sections as described below

We are pleased to announce that we are currently working with Susan Perry the owner of Trading Towns Network, which is an amazing business that allows people to run there own business without a franchise fee.

If you have ever thought about running a part time business or wanted a change in direction, then you should look at this

The Trading Town Network is not your run of the mill business, this exciting business allows you to run your own high quality community website as well as your own glossy magazine.

Lots of people have become very excited about this opportunity, so have a look now and see what everyone is talking

Lightload Public Relations and Marketing

We offer a professional Public Relations and Marketing service, helping you gain maximum exposure, online and in the media with a view to you gain more customers and revenue.

Lightload Content Management

We can provide you with articles for your publications and websites. We can also produce you your own glossy quality magazine as well as a digital version to go on your website. By having a digital magazine on your website or to be used to be sent out to your mailing list, not only are you increasing your profile, but you can also sell advertising space in your publication to gain back your investment.

Lightload Lifestyle Magazine

Lightload Lifestyle is a bi-monthly full colour glossy quality magazine for people who want a quality read.

A2Z Graphic Design

Our staff can offer you a high quality experienced graphic design service at only £25 per hour. If the job only takes half an hour then we charge you for only half an hour.

We can design anything from letterheads to full colour magazines.

Lightload Publishing

We can offer you an experienced and quality publishing service, from publishing your manuscript for a small print run of 100 books to a large print run of 10000 books. We will design your book to make it look like the amazing book it is, and we will also offer you advice on where to sell the book and also how to avoid all the pitfalls.

Do not go down the road of vanity publishers who offer you the world and do not deliver, we will print your book and offer you all the advice that you need, and will also let you know if we feel you need to do some more alterations to the book.

We can also offer a Public Relations service for your book, sending out press releases to organisations around the country who we feel would be interested in your book.

Lightload Printing

We can look at all your printing requirements, have a look at what you have been paying and see if we can save you money while at the same time keeping the quality.

If you are unhappy with your print prices then give me a call and let me amaze you with our quotes.

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