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Robert Umpleby
Company: Awaiting Update
Position: MD
Website: Click to view
Phone: 01908 424 424
Mobile: 07901555561
Expertise: Business Growth, Marketing

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Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
Area of expertise:
Business Growth, Marketing
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Discover how to unleash the entrepreneur within

Are you fed up of working for others, and not getting the rewards?

Are you just itching to find the right opportunity to work for yourself?

Or do you run a business that is not giving you the return you think you deserve from it?

Here is a story you might relate to:

In 2002 I was made redundant for the third and FINAL time.

At 45 I had made up my mind I just had to go it alone. I was apprehensive, I had belief in myself but years of corporate "slavery" had taken its toll. (My confidence had been dented and was no where near where it was when I started working for my first corporate (BOC) in the late 70's, and it was nowhere near the level it is now)

Over twenty years of success but very little to show for it.( OK I had got a house in the UK and one in France and was happily married with three fantastic children but I didn't feel I had made it…financially!)

On three separate occasions I had doubled the sales and profits of divisions within companies that I had worked for. But the problem is when you are working for someone else.

They make the big decisions.

They decide ultimately who stays and who goes. Not you!

So this is the story of a fight back. My fight back!

On reflection the final redundancy in September 2002 was the very best thing that had happened to me. It got me thinking. What do I really, really want to do …? I remembered reading somewhere that if you want to be rich and happy…. do what you are really passionate about and someone will pay you good money for it.

Well what I found was I was really passionate about was growing businesses and helping people grow.

I have a background in Psychology and interestingly Statistics (more of facts and figures later), have a fascination about NLP, had coached and led people in sports and had improved businesses by a mixture of understanding the human mind and applying Proven Marketing strategies. (You know the ones that you can Test and Measure…the ones that you know for absolute certain that they work!)

Lot's of skills but no system and no systematic way of applying those skills to business. Any Business!

That's when I found, almost by accident, the Quantum Organization.

It didn't take me long to realise that what The Quantum Organization offered me was a systematic way of improving businesses.

Quantum asks difficult questions of business of business owners and provides them with all the help and support to help them double their sales and profits provided that's what they really, really want!

What the owners of the businesses that work with Quantum like best is that the vast majority of our (Quantum Consultants) income comes from, and after, their (our clients) success. That means if we don't make the client successful we don't get the rewards. Now that's not what your average consultancy does…but then again Quantum is not your average consultancy!

Can you imagine how excited I was discovering an organisation that have so much belief in its proven methods of improving businesses that they were prepared to have the vast majority of its income from success. This was such a refreshing change from the corporate world I had left…long meetings, politics…corporate sludge slowing down innovation and creativity!

So I started as a Quantum consultant in January 2003 having been though the best training course I have ever attended (and believe me my blue chip employees had spent an awful lot on me over the years) What I was learning was truly how to "Unleash the Entrepreneur within me". (If that sounds a little like a Tony Robbins course well just for good measure shortly after the Quantum course, in Spring 2003 I went on the UTPW course)

By May 2003 I was working with four clients, one has been featured in the Sunday Times and on Radio Five live and another on the BBC Money Programme in 2004!

That month I made the decision that as well as helping businesses grow I could also help experienced business people to escape corporate slavery ..just like I had done. Helping them get through the leaning curve faster than I and avoiding most if not all of the obstacles that I had encountered. So I did.

In May 2003 I became a Regional Director of the Quantum Organization and started helping a different sort of people, not people currently owning a business, this time I was helping people start their business... their Quantum Consultancy business. People just like me who had made a decision to start working for themselves, helping others grow their business as Quantum Consultants.

It was slow and hard work at first, just as it was when I first started as a consultant (12 weeks until my first client…ouch!)

Self doubt reared its head.... maybe I was just better at helping businesses grow than helping people help people grow others businesses.

I am not a person that gives up easily so during 2003 and 2004 I honed my skills and set up systems and formulas so now when new consultants in the Central Region leave the Quantum course, they get their first client usually within the first two to six weeks.
(That's at least twice as fast as I was able to do it).

Are the Quantum Consultants effective…you bet! Read just how effective they are below.

'Quantum has helped us to make significant advances that would have taken us years instead of weeks. The business is running extremely well at the moment and with the advancements in customer service we have improved our customer retention from 46% to 94%!!!!! This is absolutely amazing. With the seasonality the business has to endure we would normally be at an extremely quiet point in the year but instead, turnover is increasing and we haven't suffered the usual dip.
In a word it's FANTASTIC!'
Martin Ibbotson, Angelo's Takeaway

'You've transformed our business! When we sat down in June this year and set ambitious sales and profit targets (e.g. an extra £10,000 sales per month within 6 months) I would have said then that it was nearly impossible to achieve them in less time. However, here we are after less than three months and we have achieved over double the expected levels of sales and profit! That's more than double the target in less than half the time……
With your assistance we now have a product so desirable people quite literally send money to us through the post after just one telephone conversation… But you know what the best part is... I'm having fun.'
Sunil Jaiswal, JamServo Limited

'Since working with Quantum, the advice and help I have received has helped me focus on what is important for the business and has helped me to develop a more profitable business. New business has increased and existing clients have all reported improvements in the service we offer.'
Graham Molyneux, BMRK Solutions

So if you are a business owner and you need help growing your business this is what Quantum Consultants do. Then call me of 01908 424 424 or email me (the phone lines are often busy at peak times) on In a ten minute phone call I will know IF Quantum will be able to help you with your business problem.

So Quantum works for its clients but does it work for its consultants?

Here is what a few of them have to say…

This is what the Quantum Central Consultants have to say about their "escape" from corporate life and their new found freedom

"The after training support has been amazing. I have had far more than I imagined and Rob genuinely wants me to succeed and is helping and pushing me towards that goal. I believe with this kind of support, from those that have made a real success at Quantum, how can I fail? All the processes have been tried and tested and so I am only getting great advice. Excellent!"
Michael I. November 2004

"Despite the fact that Rob has many busy clients and other consultants under his wing his support to me as a Quantum consultant has not wavered since day one. He is a great motivator and an inspirational thinker. There have been times when I have questioned where I am going with this venture. Rob has kept me going and developed my thinking, improved my attitude and results. He is an example to all people considering becoming a Quantum business consultant. Many thanks, Rob."
Ian S. November 2004

"Since becoming a Quantum Consultant in May 2004, I have had great support from Robert in all aspects of my business.

He has helped me recruit new clients and implement powerful business building ideas for them. I can honestly say that I would not have been as successful as a consultant without Robert's help."
David B. December 2004

So if you are a corporate slave and want to see what it would feel like without the shackles on then pick up the phone and call me on 01908 424 425 ( the phone lines are often busy at peak times) or email me on .. You have nothing to lose but your continued slavery!

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