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Harry Hayden
Company: Perform - Sales Coaching & Sales Management Training
Position: Managing Director
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Phone: 01256 768 743
Mobile: 07876 426 365
Expertise: Sales Coaching & Sales Management Training

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Last online: Jun 11, 2011, 6:18 pm
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Sales Coaching & Sales Management Training
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Results Driven Sales Coaching & Sales Management Training

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Sales & Sales Management Coaching & Mentoring.

Driving the right behaviours to get the best performance from both sales and management. Attracting, retaining and developing the people that will make the difference. A creative and pragmatic results driven approach based on over 21 years of B2B solutions and services sales experience, ten of these leading successful European teams selling at board level. Coaching effective approaches that avoid the pitfalls of traditional rather jaded sales and management techniques. > Management Bio Take a look at what our customers say > Testimonials


Driving Team Success Through Effective Sales Leadership.

Successful sales management demands many things that are far removed from selling itself. Every salesperson is unique with different attitudes, strengths, development needs, motivations and experience. The sales manager needs a strategy to motivate the best performance from each. He or she has to be able to monitor activity and performance and judge who will make the grade and who will not - both when interviewing candidates and in managing existing team members. Any weak salesperson will simply dilute overall team performance. > Sales Leadership


Consistent Sales Success vs. Constant Sales Struggle.

Why do some sales teams or individuals consistently deliver the business whilst others constantly struggle? It’s not only about having a good solution or service to sell, it’s often more about how they approach selling itself. Many prospects have become immune to traditional rather jaded sales techniques and we now have to earn the right to their time and attention more than ever before. Being smarter in how we approach and engage our prospects helps them see our potential business contribution, paving the way for mutual benefit. > More


More Demanding and Competitive B2B Markets.

Companies selling complex or business critical solutions or services now face very difficult and competitive markets. Today’s decision makers and key influencers are far more cynical, knowledgeable, discerning and demanding than ever before. They are more resistant than  ever to attempts to sell to them, looking for “contributor vendors”, rather than yet another salesperson eager to flog them something. Only the very savvy salesperson can hope to get through their protective barriers. >The Dilemma


Understanding How Your Customers Minds Work.

To be successful salespeople need to be able to get inside the minds of their prospective customers to truly understand the issues and challenges they face as well as what really motivates and drives them. To do this they have to be able to establish credibility as a potential “value contributor” to their prospects business strategy. Those establishing such credibility in advance of any specific requirements specifications stand a far greater chance of influencing and ultimately securing the business. >The Remedy


Importance of the Psychology Behind the Spend.

If our focus is on what we want to sell rather than on what our prospects really need, we are far less likely to engage well and develop the enduring relationships that produce consistent business. Yet the majority of salespeople are so hell bent on making a sale that they come across as “yet another salesperson trying to flog me something I don’t need” (misguided persistence). We must understand what motivates the decision makers and key influencers to take action or avoid taking action, make commitment or avoid making commitment. > Psychology of Sales


It’s the Breadth and Depth of Sales Qualification that Counts!

Too much sales qualification is scripted rather than intuitive, superficial rather than deep and focussed on seller’s needs not buyer’s needs,  thus creating barriers as senior management don’t want to be “sold to”. Effective qualification reaches wide, digs deep and uses a series of checks and balances to ensure ongoing integrity of the intelligence gained. Effective qualification helps us build credibility in the eyes of key influencers and decision makers – especially if our questions help them to determine their business strategy and needs. > Sales Qualification

Opportunity Planning is Essential to Sales Success.

Nasty surprises and disappointment are often the result of a poorly planned sales opportunity. Yet, how many times do salespeople “wing it” on a major opportunity without any real plan other than to sell at each and every opening? An opportunity without a plan is no opportunity at all - it can only become one through a continuous process of qualification and strategy development. Its critical to pace yourself to match the sales cycle, however you need to be close enough to the situation and the key people to make the judgement. > Opportunity Planning


Sales Negotiation Can Make or Break Us.

Just when we think we may have the deal in our sights, the ground rules often seem to change. An apparently lucrative deal becomes compromised as the prospect tries every trick in the book to get more for less. There are two primary categories of negotiation, “price” and “non-price” and knowing where, when and how to use each is critical. Being pushed into premature price negotiation by a prospect risks considerable margin erosion and can lose deals altogether, whereas non-price negotiation should be in play throughout. > Sales Negotiation Insights


Incentive Plans Drive Sales Behaviours.

Any good salesperson will leverage their incentive scheme to earn the most money they possibly can. Be warned that if they don’t do this, they have the wrong attitude for success in a sales role. The trick is for companies not to resist such materialism, but to tap into it. A well designed incentive plan as an element of an effective sales strategy is a powerful tool and motivates the behaviours that help drive sales results in line with goals. Ironically many sales incentive plans are poorly thought out and drive conflicting behaviours. > Sales Incentive Alignment


Perform One Day Sales Workshops.

These are interactive and are intended to fully engage the participants. The workshops below cover particular material. Other sales workshops are tailored to meet specific client needs:


The Compelling Proposition Workshop: Focussed on identifying your competitive differentiators, developing your unique selling points (USP’s) and building your compelling sales proposition. Workshop outputs will help people think differently (getting inside the mind of the customer) to develop an effective “door opening” approach for senior management engagement – one that contains competitive differentiators that are specifically relevant to them. > The Compelling Proposition        


Psychology of Sales Workshop: Dispelling some popular but highly detrimental myths with individual and team scenario challenges specifically aimed at opening minds. Focussed on identifying key player types and exposing the human factors, attitudes, behaviours, politics and emotions behind major buying decisions. You need to know if and how you can influence each key player and this workshop will help to uncover the strategies and approaches to support you in your efforts. > Psychology Behind The Spend


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